Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dry Lakebed Meteorite Hunt

I got this idea when Elizabeth and I were at the Griffith Park Observatory in LA. A display showed a collection of meteorites found in Southern California. I noticed that most find locations were area dry lakebeds. It turns out that dry lakebeds are fabulous places to spot celestial visitors because the lakebeds are hard and the meteorites don't penetrate (sts).

The easiest way to hunt for meteorites is to head to Cuddeback Dry Lakebed. Hunting on base isn't advised due to security reasons. Exit North Gate, take route 58 east, then route 395 north. After 18 miles on 395, look for Cuddeback Road on your right (dirt road). Six miles on Cuddeback Road will take you to the dry lakebed. Then hunt for meteorites! But don't forget your way back off the lakebed.

Take plenty of water and appropriate clothing/footwear.

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