Monday, January 3, 2011

Road Trip!

For as much as my husband is an airplane guy, he cannot turn down a good road trip. When we found out we would be making a "mini-move" for a few months to Texas his head filled with great road trip ideas. We are taking five days to drive from Southern California to Northeastern Texas and have some great stops planned along the way. We looked to RoadTripAmerica and Road Trip USA for some suggested routes and are still debating some side trips that will be time dependent. We hopefully won't be eating too much fast food - thanks to the internet and sites like Google's dining guides and Trip Advisor we have already found a few great options in towns along the way.

While we thought we were keeping this blog mainly for our own posterity and to give us a place to send friends when the asked where we stayed or what we ate on one of our day trips, we discovered over the Holidays that many of you are family and friends just wondering where we are at any particular time. We are going to do our best to update the blog as we travel but you can always check Twitter or Facebook as they are a bit easier to update from the road.

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