Friday, April 1, 2011

Rules of the Road: Eat Locally

A few weeks ago when my dad and I started discussing this road trip we laid out some road trip ground rules. Rule #1 - whenever possible, we would eat locally. Although avoiding big chain restaurants often takes you out of your way and off the highway, it is well worth whatever time you lose getting there. The trade off is usually great food, new friends and always a great story. Plus, there is no where better to appreciate this great country we live in then in small town America.

After winding through the worlds largest wind farm for over an hour, we found ourselves hungry for lunch somewhere between Abilene and Lubbock, TX. Snyder, TX is Texas' Stars Hollow, and we needed to find Luke's Dinner, so to speak . Thanks to some help from GooglePlaces, we set our sights on Big Apple Deli. B.A.D., as they like to call it, is exactly what I look for in a great road trip meal. We walked in and found the owners behind the counter ready to make recommendation - this place has so many amazing options you won't know where to start - and conversation. B.A.D is built into the old Historic Manhattan Hotel, with the owner's mother living in an upstairs apartment and running the coffee house next door.

You'll find plenty of seating inside, among odds and ends the couple has collected over the years, including a boat they purchased for a fishing trip but soon discovered it wouldn't float. Since we were cooped up in the car all day, we decided to sit out on the brick patio, where old cable spindles serve as tables and there was plenty of fresh air.

There is something for everyone on their menu, although its not so large you worry that they must not do something well. If on the off chance you can't find something you like, you can design your own sandwich. I had the Turkey Albuquerque, a delicious combination of turkey and fresh guacamole. Plus, I can't pass up a meal that rhymes!

Dad ordered the Rubin, the most popular item on the menu, along with a cup of today's soup - yaya gumbo, which was served in an old mug!

If your going to be passing through on your way make sure you stop by this place. The Big Apple Deli always seems to have something going on, you can find out what is going on by checking their facebook page.

As we pull out of Snyder and back onto US84 on our way to Lubbock, I can only hope that every place we find on our trip is as warm and welcoming as the Big Apple Deli.

Note: At just an hour away, Snyder, TX would make a great weekend or day trip if you are stationed or visiting Dyess, AFB.

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