Saturday, December 17, 2011

San Diego Family Fun

Our traveling has certainly slowed down as we prepare for the arrival of Baby Boy. On top of the traveling slowing down I've had trouble keeping up with the blog. Hopefully I'll catch up here soon.

A few weeks ago - ok more like a month or so ago - we went down to San Diego for Veteran's Day. We were lucky enough to be joined by some old college friends who have recently moved to Edwards and their three adorable children.

The drive to San Diego is remarkably easy. We left here Friday morning and since Legoland is slightly north of the city we hit it on the way down.

Legoland was one of the last remaining items on our California to do list. Although I'm pregnant and had to forgo most of the big ticket items it was still quite a bit of fun. That being said, it's no Disneyland. The whole park could use a fresh coat of paint, which by the looks of things, they are working on. The rides are cute and they have built in Lego waiting areas where little ones can play with Legos while parents wait in line. The Lego-land section of the park featuring Lego versions of everything you could imagine was the highlight for me. I could have spent most of the day looking at these creations.

A few hours there was about all the kids (and I) could handle.We headed into the city - toward our Navy Lodging - to Jimmy's Famous American Tavern for some dinner. They have a great selection of local beers and lots of meal options. I had a sald which was large enough to feed two - good thing there are two of us :) haha. Actually we ended up taking quite a bit back to the hotel with us. Although it has a bar feel it is a family freindly place.

Our friends were in family friendly lodging at the Navy Lodge on 28th Street while we were at the Navy Gateway Inn on Coranado (which does not allow children.) Both are good options for lodging - North Island Navy Lodging is your best bet if it is available.

Saturday we woke up to torrential rain. We met at Cafe 1134, which you may remember from our last visit to San Diego. This place has the best brekfast options! I must have ordered wrong the last time we were here, because I thought I didn't like it but serioulsy I loved everything I ordered this time.

We decided to brave the rain and head over to the USS Midway Museum. Parking can be a bit of a problem, particularly since the America's Cup World Series was also going on right on the waterfront. However right across teh street from the USS Midway is a Navy Base - if you are military you can park there for free and walk through the building to the USS Midway. Save yourself the $20 in parking and find this place.

The USS Midway Museum offers a military rate which includes the audo tour - there is also a self guided tour option. The museum even offers aprogram for their young visitors to earn a badge - just ask at the information desk. The USS Midway Museum takes a few hours just to get through and by the time we were done it was time for lunch but the rain had really picked up. We decided to head to Balboa Park's many indoor attractions. Parking was a nightmare there as well but once we were all parked and dry we returned to the Balboa Park Model Train Museum. This place never ceases to amaze me - I love all the old men working on their hobby and answering the kids questions.

With the rain still coming down we headed back to Coranado to seek refugae at the Coronado Brewing Company. They were happy to find us a large table and change the channel to the ND game. They have only their own beers on tap, but I hear they are quite good. They were also great with the kids bringing lots of activities for them and even sending their food out early.

Sunday our friends handled to return to LA. With the rain gone, we spent the morning on Coranao Island. We parked on the main drag and found a nice park for a picnic breakfast before chuch at Sacred Heart. That afternoon we took advantage of Sea World's free military family tickets for the day. We had been to Sea World on a previous San Diego trip, but enjoyed the low crowds and renovated park. We brought lunch with us since last time we had trouble finding food options I liked, although it seems that Sea World has upgraded many of its resturants from our last visit. The Dolphin Enoucnter was open and we got up close and personal with the off duty dolphins. The New Shamu show is mostly just watching people get splashed for an hour, which may be funny when its warm out but when its cold it feels a big cruel. The real gem is the Dolphin show - Blue Horizons. Again, sit well beyond the splash zone to stay dry. I feel like the low crowds gave us amazing access to all the animals - we sat for an hour in the empty Penguin Encounter listening to a guide tell us about the differnt types of Penguines in the enclosure.

After Sea World we headed into Old Town San Diego State Historic Park just to take a look. I wasn't feeling up for mexican food - although if we had been in the mood this would have been the place to grab a bite. Instead we headed back to Coranado for dinner at Brigantine - an upscale seafood resturant across from the Hotel Del Coronado.

San Diego never seems to disapoint. It is one of the places I will certainly miss when we move to another coast. I didn't take very many pictures but here are a few of the animal highlights.

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