Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Trails...

I never thought I would say it - I'm sad to be leaving Edwards, AFB. When we arrived here four years ago, I felt like I had been stranded on a desert island. I had no idea that Edwards would be the launching point for so many adventures and friendships.

I can't imagine my life without the ladies of 08B, the 461st Spouses or the lovely ladies of the EOSC- I am truly a better wife, mother and friend because of all of you! Thank you for the memories, smiles, laughs and tears, they will be cherished for years to come (and retold with some artistic license.)

Since we Air Force wives never say "Goodbye" I'll just say "See You Later" (because all roads lead to Edwards ;) haha). Our guest room is always open!

We came to Edwards as a family of two and are leaving as a family of three but, our traveling adventures are not over - we just have a new launching point!

Stay tuned for more crazy adventures - this time with a baby!

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