Saturday, May 30, 2015

Magic Kingdom Day Two with Toddlers

We split the Magic Kingdom up into two days so that we would have enough time to enjoy the park and never feel rushed.

Just like last time we parked at the Contemporary and walked over for the rope drop. I was able to get us a bit more centered this time. H was just as amazed the second time around when the train pulled in with all his favorite friends.

The plan was to head straight to Tomorrowland and get on the AstroOrbiters, but when we got there the AstroOrbiters were not operational. Jeff took H to go drive cars at the Tomorrowland Speedway. My mom and I took O to ride the Peoplemover. The rides took about the same amount of time, we were able to see the boys in line while we were on the Peoplemover.

We met at AstroOrbiters and only had to wait for one group to go before it was our turn to ride the elevator up for the rocket ride. The boys loved riding the rockets. The higher you go the more the rocket tilts toward the center. In hindsight I am not sure that I should have taken O on it. He laughed the whole time, but I was a little nervous I wasn't going to be able to hold him as we banked to the right!

We had a minor meltdown on our way to use our fastpass at Peter Pan about enchanted boats and flying elephants that really is not worth getting in to here, but once that was resolved we hopped onto Peter Pan's flight and took off over London. When we reached the end of the flight H exclaimed that he wanted to ride the boat with the music and little people, so we walked across the street and right onto Small World. We did get stuck in the final room in a boat pileup, but my mom found a lady's missing shoe in the water and was able to return it to her as we disembarked.

We used a fastpass for Enchanted Tales with Belle. All the children who wanted to participate got a chance. H, with some help from Jeff, played the wardrobe and got to lead the parade of the staff for Belle. H and O got their pictures with Belle at the end of the show!

Haunted Mansion is my absolute favorite ride. H and I have been talking about it since we started planning the trip, so he was game when I suggested we try to ride that next. I may have told him the mansion was holding a ghost party. With that in mind he wasn't scared of anything and was excited he got to go to the party. He did say that one time on the ride was enough. Ha!

As we were crossing The Hub on our way to lunch at The Plazza, the Move it! Sake it! Dance & Play it! Street Party came rolling through. I couldn't get H to join me dancing in the street, but he also didn't want to leave.

Lunch at The Plaza was good. It is one of your only options for sit down dining in the Magic Kingdom. Getting some AC and a nice lunch is a huge recharge for us and the kids. The food is nothing special, but it was good, filling and service was excellent. 

The Plaza: Kids PB&J 

The Plaza: Club Sandwich 

Happily Entertained at The Plaza

We had a fastpass to the Jungle Cruise, which helped the line not be 80 min, but we still waited more then 20 min for the ride. I think I had high expectations from my memory. The way we boarded the boat put the kids and I in the direct sun, so we were hot. The kids were not very amused by the animals and the jokes were over their head. I am glad we included it, but it was a bit of a dud.

Jungle Cruise was our third fastpass and the fastpass kiosk is right next to where Jungle Cruise lets out, so I popped over while everyone else was grabbing the stroller and got another one for later in the day. 

Across the road is the Tiki Room, so we ducked in there for a nice cool spot to feed Oliver and watch the show. The kids loved the singing birds! The DoleWhip after didn't hurt either. I actually tried the float and it was delicious and slightly more refreshing. 

Tom Sawyers Island was a huge hit! We probably should have let H play here both days, he enjoyed it so much. Taking the boat over is fun, but again hot in the open sun. Once you get over to the Island it shady and much cooler. There are tons of bridges, caves and buildings to explore. 

When we finally left the Island we were all ready for some Air Conditioning. We headed over to the Hall of Presidents. I think this is such a wonderful presentation. H instantly fell asleep. I may not have even noticed, except his head hit the arm rest the first time he nodded off.  He is nothing if not persistent, so he rearranged himself and went back to sleep in his chair. O was also a nightmare. He pooped two minuets into the show and was very very unhappy. 

With a changed diaper and an awake toddler we headed outside to find the Parade just coming through. Our stroller was parked outside saving us the perfect shaded spot to watch the Parade. 

We headed back over to the Tomorrowland Speedway with our fourth fast-pass to give driving another try.

After a broken car, it was finally time to take off. With H at the wheel we hit that guard rail as many times as we could! H laughed and laughed. He loved driving so much. Jeff rode in front of us and got a few pictures of the craziness, although you can barely see H in the driver seat.

We finished up our rides with Mickey's PhilharMagic. There was a small wait, but it was so worth it. I forgot how cute this show is. Add that on top of a kid who is experiencing their first 3D show. H dodged everything that came out of the screen. Once we talked him through that he started reaching out for everything. So so so many giggles. It was awesome. 

Everyone was ready to head back so we worked our way down Main Street. H asked if we could do some pin trading and we still needed to buy stamps and mail our postcards on the way out. 

Pin trading is one of the best things we have done on this trip. H loved it. I love that it got him to engage with adults. It provided a good change to practice manners and speaking loudly. He loves trading pins just to trade, but he searched the whole trip for an Ariel pin and finally found one in Animal Kingdom. He was elated.

It was a perfect day in the Magic Kingdom and it wasn't even over! We took the kids back to the hotel and fed them at the Pepper Market, the hotel cafeteria. The food was fine, not great but fine. We got the kids settled with Grandma and Jeff and I headed back out for the night.

Magic Kingdom from the California Grill 

We had dinner reservations at the California Grill, on the top floor of the Contemporary. From there you are able to see the firework show from all of the other parks. They pump the music in for the show as well. (As a tip, we found out you can also watch the fireworks from any of the external stairwells at the Contemporary.)

We actually arrived a little early to the Contemporary so we went out back to the boat launch and took a boat on its full cycle (about 30 min). It was very romantic and totally free!

The food was delicious. Jeff had the pork two ways and I had sushi. We both started with delicious salads. The menu rotates weekly with a major overhaul seasonally. The wine list is extensive. We both ended up having a glass with dinner and another while we enjoyed the fireworks.

They also brought me a Creme Brule desert for my birthday!

Leaving the hotel for the evening we saw these guys heading upstairs - Only at Disney! 


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