Friday, June 18, 2010

LA Derby Dolls

Whip it! has nothing on these girls. One Saturday in June we were in the area and decided to check out the Derby Dolls. Pull out your favorite booty shorts and knee socks and you’ll fit right in! If you enjoyed the movie then you will likely enjoy a visit to the L.A. Derby Dolls Doll Factory. I was initially a little hesitant to go to a roller derby worrying that the crowd would be too rough – I shouldn’t have worried. The play is rough but the crowd is there to have a good time and cheer on the girls. Its defiantly not scripted and there are plenty of spills to prove it. Note: if you want to sit down you will need to purchase a VIP Ticket. All other tickets are standing - there isn’t a bad seat/standing spot in the house though.

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