Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goldstone Deep Space Network

2 hours northeast of Edwards - 105 miles away, lies the Goldstone Deep Space Network (DSN). It's one of three NASA communication complexes spaced 120 degrees of longitude apart around the world (plus Spain, Australia). It's also one of those places in Southern California that I'd like to call a 'hidden gem.' They offer public tours weekdays multiple times per week; here's the info! Or just call Karla Warner at 760-255-8688. Her e-mail address is The tour is free and includes seeing the DSN museum (Shuttle tire, Aerogel, historic displays, first satellite/rocket replica) and a handful of the giant satellite dishes (including the Apollo 11 dish). While a long drive, seeing the dozen or so satellite dishes was worth the trip. Consider adding lunch or dinner in Barstow (Chipotle, Chili's, In n Out) or in Boron (Domingo's).

The kids will love looking out for tanks on the long drive from Barstow into Goldstone, as the complex is adjacent to the Fort Irwin training area.

For a dramatized version of satellite ops during the Space Race, check out "The Dish," available from Netflix!

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