Saturday, August 25, 2012

Denver Airport: Concourse C with a Baby

H enjoys room to crawl around before the flight.
I'm always looking for good places for H and I to hang out at the airport. I had a little extra time on my way to Detroit today and found the best place. Once you get off the train in Concourse C, take the escalators up...all the way up. There is an empty level with some seating and no people. It is the perfect spot for some quiet nursing or to spread a blanket and let H crawl around a bit before the flight.
View from the Concourse C Second Floor.
Note: There is a great USO on Concourse A.

Also on this trip, I checked both the stroller and car seat before heading to the gate. We will see how everything fairs, but it has made getting around on my own much easier and we breezed through security. (Thank you Ergo!)

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