Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cheyanne Mountain Zoo

I cannot say enough good things about our little hometown zoo. We have a membership and take every guest that comes into town there, because it is just that good!

My in-laws have all enjoyed feeding the giraffes with little H. I never get sick of watching people with these amazing animals.

When my mom was here, they had a turtle walking around with a keeper and H was fascinated. The chimps had a baby just before my brother and sister in law and their son L came to visit and we were able to see him with his mom sitting right up against the window.

The weather always seems to be prefect for the animals - we have seen the lynx starring right at us and the wolves feeding from the front of the enclosure.

If you are in Colorado Springs, this is a must. They have a wonderful military discount and off season rates. These cool fall days are really the best time to visit - guests are mostly locals with small children and all the animals are out enjoying the weather. Some of the "attractions" like the ski lift and the carousel are closed and you won't find many vendors, but you can bring your lunch and enjoy the animals.

A small warning that the zoo is uphill, so you get a good calf workout pushing the stroller, but it is so worth it. H is always full of smiles and giggles for all the animals (and other children.) There are great programs for the pre-school age and we bow frequent the "FAWN" morning program, or as H calls it "zoo class." We are continually amazed by the changing programs and demonstrations and this is our go to activity when we are feeling stir crazy.

The cafe at the zoo is great. If you poke your head in before it opens you will see everyone preparing all the food for scratch! Also the drink cups are a deal - bring them back any time for free refills. My only complaint is that they serve Pepsi, not Coke.

If zoo food isn't your thing - head over to Ivywild, an old school that is now home to a varity of little places including a restaurant, bakery, brewery and bar. 

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