Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Edible Selby - A Food Lovers Travel Guide

Although I'm not a huge cook, I am a big fan of the America's Test Kitchen Podcast. A few weeks ago Christopher Kimball was interviewing Todd Selby about his new book "Edible Selby." The book photographs some of the most unique food establishments around the world.

I have an amazing library here in Colorado and was able to get a hold of a copy through them. The book is mostly pictures and a few untested, handwritten recipes. It makes a good jumping off point for planning any trip. The book is heavy on places in California, making it perfect for planning a trip from Edwards. For those of us that have moved away, it offers options for planned trips - we hope to visit two of the places this summer. If you have no hope of traveling anywhere, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful pictures and descriptions and maybe try a few of the recipes yourself. Anyway you look at it this book will brighten your day!

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